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  • Session Idea: The Fall & The Spring


    A camper has proposed a session on the differences between the fall and spring semesters. Faculty often see varying results in student performance, assessments, and evaluations. There are a number of factors that could be connected to this both inside academia and outside of it and it would be worthwhile to have a conversation in a session.

  • Session Idea: Bridging Gaps Between High School & Community College


    A camper would like to do a session on how we can bridge gaps between the learning experience in high schools and community colleges.

  • Session Idea: Search Is Broken


    A camper wants to do a session on search. It’s really hard these days to teach students how to effectively use the web when search results often bring up non-credible, inaccurate, or out of date results.

  • Session Idea: Screens & College Students


    A camper wants to moderate a session about what extent does screens therapize college students versus to what extent do screens propagate problems for them. How do we teach composure in an era of high anxiety? How do we teach in a way that is empathetic to different ideologies? Is social media an active space for debate? Must we accept everything that is posted on a wall, or is it a space that should encourage challenging of ideas?

  • Session Idea: FERPA In The Digital Age


    A camper has proposed a session about FERPA in the digital age. What is the relationship to AI and censorship online and in the classroom? What does FERPA mean in regards to Google Drive?

  • Session Idea: Online Teaching & Gender Bias


    A camper has proposed doing a session about online teaching and gender bias. To what extent does technology morph identity? If students who are teenagers now get into social media, how does the visual media they distribute alter and define their identity?

  • Session Idea: Supporting EOF & First Generation College Students With Technology


    A camper has proposed an idea for a session: How do we support EOF and first generation students with technology? Let’s brainstorm ideas for supporting these populations!

  • Service Learning Scholars


    We are proud to announce that RCBC’s Service Learning Scholars will be returning to moderate a session at THATCampCC 2019 in May. More information about their session will be forthcoming, but check out our notes from their 2016 session about the possibilities of interactive student handbooks.

  • Registration Is Open!


    Registration for THATCamp Community College 2019 is now open! Please register here. We will see you on May 24th. As session ideas come in, we will post them here for others to see.

  • THATCamp Community College 2019


    We are thrilled to announce that THATCamp Community College 2019 will be taking place on Friday May 24th at Rowan College at Burlington County in Mount Laurel, NJ. This will be our fifth unconference here at RCBC. With this anniversary comes a few changes…

    After THATCampCC 2019, William will be stepping down as coordinator of THATCampCC. Chris and Gina (and William!) will remain on the committee, but our colleagues Allison and Malik are also joining the team. Information about a new coordinator for 2020 and beyond will be coming soon. Flyers are also coming soon.

    Please join us in May for THATCampCC 2019!

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