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  • Session Idea: FERPA In The Digital Age


    A camper has proposed a session about FERPA in the digital age. What is the relationship to AI and censorship online and in the classroom? What does FERPA mean in regards to Google Drive?

  • Session #2: How Technology Affects The Form & Logic Of Composition Writing


    Here are William’s notes…

    • How to bridge gaps between the two required composition courses here at BCC.
    • How to deal with differences between hypothesis and thesis?
    • How to deal with creative students versus those who need more formal training?
    • Differences between peer review via wikis versus Google Drive.
    • Reader versus writer based feedback.
    • Peer review speed dating.
    • Class size is a concern for face to face versus digital peer review.
    • Bias versus agenda in secondary sources.
    • How do we teach what is RIGHT about a source?
  • Workshop Proposal #1: Backing Up Your Google Drive


    What I would like to propose is a workshop on backing up your Google Drive. Google has a very high level of backups on their end, but we should not only rely on them. I would like to show a few of the options for keeping an offsite copy of your drive.

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