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  • Session Idea: Online Teaching & Gender Bias


    A camper has proposed doing a session about online teaching and gender bias. To what extent does technology morph identity? If students who are teenagers now get into social media, how does the visual media they distribute alter and define their identity?

  • Session Notes: Accessibility & Design Issues In Distance Learning Courses


    Our first session at THATCampCC 2017 was about Accessibility & Design Issues In Distance Learning Courses.

    • Simplicity is important…keep things on one page…
    • Need to have specific directions…click here first…
    • Could create video tutorials
    • Perhaps a Blackboard shell to discuss various CMS issues for faculty?
    • Colleges need to have a list for students of what they need to ACCESS (skills wise) a distance learning course
    • Which is also an ADA/504 accessibility issue…for example, making sure you have a script for videos
    • Weekly versus modular scheduling
    • Discussion of making sure distance students get the same “first five minutes” info
  • Schedule!


    1000 Accessibility and Design Issues in Distance Education

    1100 Flipped Classrooms and technology

    1330 Twine and games in the classroom

  • Session Three Notes: Increasing Digital/Virtual Presence In Writing Labs

    • How is feedback in distance ed classes different from face to face?
    • Create video modules centered with targeted content.
    • Cultural differences in what is and is not considered paraphrasing.
    • Could writing centers have student mentors to work with lower performing students?
    • Conversation partner programs being implemented at OCC…we have done them here at RCBC too.
  • Session Proposal #2: Helping Students With Low Technology Skills In Distance Education


    How can we help students who sign up for distance education classes succeed when they have low technology skills?

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