• History

    The genesis of THATCamp Community College really came a few years before the first unconference happened. A few of us formed a committee to investigate the possibility of doing faculty centered lectures to engage students on a variety of topics. After getting administrative approval, we did two of these lectures before running into issues that led to the series going on the backburner.

    About six months after that, one of us was having a random conversation with an administrator. THATCamp came up and they asked if we could do one at the college. After checking to see if anyone was doing something similar to the idea we had envisioned, we began the process of putting together the first THATCamp Community College.

    In March of 2014, despite a torrential rainstorm, the first THATCampCC was held at Rowan College at Burlington County. We had a nice turn out and a very productive day of sessions.

    A year later the second unconference was held (on a freezing cold day. THATCamp’s weather Gods do not like us). What has set us apart from other THATCamps is a desire to keep discussion as free flowing as possible. The first year a decision was made to try and “out THATCamp THATCamp” and we have moved forward by keeping discussion open ended and attempts are made to incorporate as many session ideas as possible into small conversations.

    In 2016 we moved THATCampCC to June and finally got good weather! We had our first Service Learning Scholars moderate a session plus our first ever administrator also moderate a session.

    In 2017 THATCampCC took place in September and had another wonderful day including a fantastic afternoon session about using Twine in the classroom that turned into a wide ranging conversation about electronic literature and the digital humanities.

    Due to a variety of factors, we ended up taking 2018 off, but THATCamp Community College will return in May of 2019.

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