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  • Session One Notes: Possibilities Of Interactive Student Handbooks

    • A big theme for this session is “campus connectivity.”
    • Discussion of print handbooks. Lots of frank comments from students in attendance from them.
    • Are handbooks written at too high a level? Who is the audience for them?
    • If an interactive handbook was made, a glossary would be useful.
      • Example: Students still use the phrase “guidance counselor” in college
    • A digital handbook needs to be heavily hyperlinked.
    • A call for digital handbooks to come originally from a group of students and then go “up the ladder.”
    • Digital handbooks could be “focus grouped” through different student communities.
    • Could there be a video instead of a student handbook or even a series of podcasts?
  • Session Proposal: Podcasting A THATCamp


    What would it entail to create a podcast centered around a THATCamp? What would be important topically and otherwise?

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