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    1000 Accessibility and Design Issues in Distance Education

    1100 Flipped Classrooms and technology

    1330 Twine and games in the classroom

  • Session Proposal #1: Accessibility & Technology In The Classroom


    Every August there seems to be numerous op-eds in education newspapers about BANNING LAPTOPS in the classroom. I would love to moderate a session about accessibility in the classroom and specifically these sorts of bans.

    William Patrick Wend

  • Session #1: The Key Technological Needs Of Community College Students

    • How does texting in classroom change pedagogy?
    • How much of technological consumption is passive versus active? How does that change how students engage?
    • Should there be questions about the infallibility of the databases we expect our students to use?
    • Students need to know how to make a basic MLA paper template.
    • They also need to know how to backup their work. Where is that taught?
    • Should the MLA template be submitted and assessed? (This is a great idea)
    • What about accessibility issues?
    • Students need to know what a URL is!
    • There needs to be a logic to file naming for both professor and student.
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